Who We Are?

Pure Vegan Cafe is a juice and vegan food joint in Cary, NC. We focus on using high quality, healthy ingredients to make great tasting, ultra-premium juices, smoothies, and 100% vegan food. If you're in the mood for healthy beverages, plant-based food, acai bowls, or raw treats come check us out! Our menu is 100% vegan.

We are dedicated to creating innovative and yet powerful, plant-based menu items that make you feel good inside. We believe that life is about nurturing your mind, body and soul - and our juices and vegan food are made to help you to not only look good on the outside, but to feel great on the inside.

Perfect Taste

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What our clients are

I am completely blown away. I would also like to say thank you to all your staff. It's really wonderful.

Mina Margaret